Hi all rockstars !


As you may already know my name it Petra.

I want to share my passion for POUND along with a brief bio about myself.

I am living in Cork for 10 years now, but I am originally from Czech Republic.

I love music a lot, any time anywhere. I must listen to music as much as I can.

It keeps me going, especially when I am tired. It keeps me awake and motivated.


When I was younger I was helping to teach an aerobics class.

I loved that, it was one of things that was keeping me away from stupid things as a teenager .

( I did them anyway, but not as much, lol).

When I was twenty I moved to Prague.

Prague was always my dream and it sounded amazing to me. PRAGUE, WOW.

Yes, I am girl from small city.

After a while there, I met my husband, and his dream was to go to America.

Not for a holiday, but to live.

A bigger and more complicated dream then mine, right? We tried that anyways,

but our destiny would go a different way, so we did not get a visa. We were in America for a holiday after a few years and we loved it. But we knew, that was not for us, not for our family life. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I know now the decision to go to Ireland

was much better and we are happy here, it is easier for us to stay in Europe.


It was tough leaving all our friends, family, our routine, work..its like losing everything.

But we had each other and still do.

When you travel far away, you have a chance to find the real YOU.

Recognise, who really likes you and who is loyal to you.

I learned to be careful, who to trust, but I am still doing same mistakes.

I am an open book which sometimes I feel is not so good, I am very open to everybody,

because I think that others are the same with me.

I think I will be this way always, because that’s just me.


Now, after ten years in Ireland, our kids are older and they do not need me as much.

I feel like I am missing something. I always love to dance, to move crazily like nobody can see you. (Sound familiar), right?


I was sitting on the computer one evening and I found a video about POUND and I loved it from

that moment !

I could not find any class close to me, but I had a chance to do a POUND class at Wellfest in Dublin 2017.


I tried to find out more about training, but there was only one at the time and I had work.

I could not take this day off, so I let it go....until my birthday this year.

You all know that feeling just before birthday right? I am always looking to find a new passion or hobby, but this year I felt the passion for POUND it was a great moment, because I found what I really wanted to do, that is what I was missing.

I missed dance, teaching people, meeting people, laughing with them and having lots of fun.

I know I can introduce you to POUND and you will feel great about it the same way I do.

I love it and you will love it too.

Come to me, don't be shy, let's move and have fun. That is all that you will need to do,

and it is really easy with loud music. Be the real you. I am more than happy to be here for you.